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Poppies with Purpose | The Story


Welcome to Poppies with Purpose!

We are a shoe brand doing our part to brighten the broken spirits of those impacted by cancer.

This all started when I heard the words “you have breast cancer.” For anyone who has unfortunately experienced hearing those words, it’s instant disbelief. You think, “how can this be? Maybe the scan is wrong. It has to be a mistake, a BIG mistake.” Sadly, like too many others, the scan was not wrong. I was in my late 30’s, married, raising two young girls, with no history of cancer in my family. My doctor told me I was that “unlucky” one. Unlucky then, but lucky to be here 10 years later determined to make an impact on those touched by cancer and do a small part in the world of cancer research. So, with my husband, our two young daughters, an amazingly supportive family, friends and a phenomenal team of doctors by my side, I was determined to learn, fight and beat this!

We hoped a double mastectomy would be the only treatment needed. Sadly, it wasn’t. I learned I would need 8 doses of chemotherapy followed by 6 weeks of radiation, e v e r y  s i n g l e  d a y for 5 days a week. (Wait, what!? Will I lose my long hair!? Yep. All of it.)

Feeling painfully defeated, I had to dig deep. I decided that I was going to wear my bright pink ballet flats when I walked into the powerful, overwhelming, and sterile hospital. I needed that dose of bright color to help me fight through a really dark time. The pink color lifted my spirits and could always spark a conversation with other patients, my nurses, and doctors. It connected us especially my young girls, who wanted to wear a pair on the days I had treatment too. Those shoes gave me the feeling of bravery and courage and reminded me that I could power through whatever was going to come my way, bald head & all!

Poppies with Purpose | The Idea

For many years, I kept thinking, maybe a pair of pink shoes can do the same for others also going though this same experience. Better yet, perhaps their extended family and friends would want to wear a pair of shoes in support of them. When we hear of someone diagnosed with cancer, we all want to do something.

Why not send them a pair of bright colorful shoes to boost their spirits and let them know you’re thinking of them!? Why not wear a pair yourself or loop in the support system in their life to all show support!? The support from friends and family can truly carry a fighter through it all. I know, first hand.

So, I decided, to create a shoe brand with purpose and meaning behind each colorful pair of shoes. Starting with pink for breast cancer.

Poppies with Purpose | The Name

Original Poppies Quilt

The name, Poppies with Purpose all started with my grandmother’s “duster.” It was her house coat she would wear around the house in the mornings with her hair in curlers, sipping her coffee. That “duster” had been hanging in my mothers closet for years after my grandma left us too soon. When I was diagnosed with cancer, my mother did what she does like no other…she made the most perfect quilt out of that bold, cheerful duster of my grandma’s. It only seemed fitting to name this brand Poppies with Purpose because of the poppy flower, the bright pop of color and most important, our purpose. It was a must that every pair of shoes arrived in our “duster bag” in that cheerful pattern to brighten their day.

We exist to make an impact on cancer one colorful shoe at a time for those fighting it, supporting a loved one fighting it, and those researchers learning more to understand how to fight it.

Thank you for joining our mission!

With color and purpose,